A bit about me...

My interest in photography started during my undergraduate days through some hiking trips in the Himalayas. A few hikes with the Himalayan Explorer's Club and tinkering with old Russian made manual cameras got me hooked on to nature and landscape photography. Traveling has been one of my strongest passions - both leisure and business trips have taken me to a lot of places, along with my camera. Amsterdam, New York City and Kolkata have been some of my favorite urban locations to shoot in recent years, and along the way, I've also developed a fascination towards street and human interest photography.

Some of my favorite trips over the years...

Personal and business trips have taken me across America, Europe, South Africa and India. A few that stand out in particular:

  • Iceland (for its jaw dropping beauty and surreal landscapes)

  • Alaska (for its sheer scale and grandeur)

  • Botswana (for its incredible wild life)

  • Andalusia (for its tapas, flamenco and Moorish architectural masterpieces)

  • The American Southwest (for its rich colors and light)

  • Bernese Oberland Alps in Switzerland (for its breathtaking hikes)

  • NYC and Amsterdam are always a delight

Over the next few years, I look forward to hiking in the Himalayas again and exploring more of India, going back to Greece (my recent trip was too short and didn't do it justice), visiting Scotland (particularly the Hebrides), Namibia (on every landscape photographer's bucket list) and making my way down to South America (half a dozen business trips to Sao Paulo don't really cut it).

Enough about me...

I'd love to hear from you - your travels, your favorite places, indulgences, inspirations, current and recent projects, and any other interesting factoids. Please use the Contact page and also feel free to connect on LinkedIn. I am very open to hearing your thoughts on my pictures, all photography related topics and new travel destinations (there are so many).


If you'd like a print (or some other usage) of any of the images on this site, please let me know. All images are protected under United States and International Copyright laws, so please don't reproduce, copy or manipulate them without my express consent. Thank you for your understanding and stopping by, I hope to hear from you.

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